Safe Design

of Your Backyard Dream

During these uncertain times, our most important consideration is for your safety, that of your family and our staff. We are in uncharted waters here and will rely on the most sophisticated resources at our disposal to speculate with you where we will all be going from here.

When you decide to move forward, we will take all precautions that are available to us for your continuing safety. Design, financing, color, option choices and the rest will largely be handled by internet video conferencing, so you will still be able to see and talk with your designer throughout the building process. Any questions that you have can be discussed through telephone, internet connections, texts or email at your direction. We have also taken steps to be able to build within the national, state and local social distancing guidelines and times when our clients are absent from the immediate building site. 

All possible precautions will be made to protect your property and your family. For those who choose to hold tight, we will respect and support that decision. We are here to help you make the right choices for your family and follow your directions.

We are honored to help you realize your backyard dreams and to provide a safe retreat for your family and friends.